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Featured on the Krita 5.0 Release Notes!


Dec 22, 2021

"Duncan: The Culture" shines under a spotlight!

Yesterday morning, I noticed that the Krita website was slightly updated to hype up for the major release of Krita's 5.0 update.

That made me want to check the 5.0 Release Notes page. If you didn't know, each major release, the Krita developers gather artwork submissions from other artists and puts them on the release notes page.

I found the submissions page on Krita Artists, and submitted the picture "Olivia's Fall Dress", during the Falling Leaves Collection. I figured that would be a good idea since everyone loves her.

The clock was ticking, and I was feeling a little worried it wouldn't appear on the release notes as intended. Then, on December 21, 2021, the picture appeared on the release notes beside other animal-based pictures.

I was jumping for joy. The Krita developers made my day, and maybe my future.

You can look at the picture on Krita's website. Make sure to search for "Krita 5.0 release notes" to find it!

Have a Merry Christmas, and I'll see you in 2022!

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