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Protect your fur* in the Sunburnt Collection next month!


Apr 25, 2022

*Or your skin-- both is fine

The fifth Collection of Chapter 3 will release on May 7, 2022! Summer is just around the corner, and the Sunburnt Collection has just the theme for the season!

The sun burns bright in the skies above Furry Ville, and everyone is getting their swimming shorts and wet suits for the summer! Pool centers are opening again, the beach population will skyrocket, and women will sit back and relax under their umbrellas while the men are running around. Some people like the heat, while others still want to snack on some ice cream while making sure it doesn't melt! Summer is the best season of all time.

We all know families are a big part in the DTC universe. But what about the Tuxedo family? We have our fan-favorite tuxedo cat couple Nell and Carson, as well as their little boy Lucas. We also shouldn't forget Nell's sister Willow, who is a Japanese translator, and the Lofton's baby daughter Eva-- who Nell is currently pregnant with until June. But wait-- why am I mentioning the Tuxedo family in the first place?

Well, I am pleased to tell you that Carson, Nell's husband, has an older sister! What's that? You didn't know Carson was a younger brother? Well, NOW you know! Carson's older sister is also a daycare teacher, which means she has awesome skills when taking care of her nephew Lucas-- and future niece Eva.

And that's it! This Collection will be quite big with fun and lore, and I hope you'll enjoy it when it releases on May 7, 2022!

Until then, stay tuned!!

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